Industrial table

Industrial table

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Industrial is a designer version of the classic barn table. Its feature is its surface. The outer part of the barn material is not planed, but forms a specific surface of the tabletop. Natural, rough, industrial.


The specifics of the Industrial is rough surface, that provide for many “torn” and untreated pieces of wood. Each such element undergoes a detailing procedure – cleaning, brushing and sanding. This makes the surface as safe for normal use as possible.

Barn oak is recycled wood that was part of a house or barn over a century ago. Check out Butch Cassidy’s hut in Argentina. Similar structures are the source of barn oak.

Barn oak is hardwearing and durable. With an age of over 100 years, it has passed the crash test by nature and time. Another indisputable advantage of the material is environmental friendliness. There is no need to use live trees for production.

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