Reclaimed old oak table

Reclaimed old oak table

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The reclaimed old barn table is a unique and ecological product in the Loft style. Its peculiarity is the material. Barn Oak is a limited eco-friendly recycled wood. Because of it the barn table has a unique color, texture and history.


Barn oak is recycled wood that was part of a house or barn over a century ago. For a better understanding of what is at stake, take a look at Butch Cassidy’s hut in Argentina. Similar structures are the source of barn oak. The number of such objects is limited, therefore, the barn material is justifiably considered limited and unique.

Your old oak table may have once been the walls of a train station or the home of the philanthropist after whom your street is named.

Old oak should not be confused with reclaimed wood that has been lying idle somewhere in a warehouse for many years.

Reclaimed old oak is hardwearing and durable. With more than 100 years of age, it has passed the crash test by nature and time. Another indisputable advantage of the material is environmental friendliness. After all, there is no need to use live trees for production. And, as it turned out, just few in Ukraine are able to properly process and use such material.

A barn oak table looks as unique as possible, as it has a special texture, a peculiar shade and specific cracks that are unique to it. Such a table definitely attracts attention. Therefore, it is most often used in the design of commercial premises and modern homes. And for gourmets we have created Industrial.

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