Barn oak table

Barn oak table

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A barn table is a cool and unique product. Its feature is the material. This is limited reclaimed wood that was used for building structures over a century ago. Such a table has a specific texture, color and many cracks, which are cleaned and filled with epoxy resin.

The right to choose from Bravus allows you to independently choose all parameters of the table – size, shape, color, details. Both tabletops and legs. For such customization, choose a convenient way to contact us at the bottom of the page


Barn oak is reclaimed/reclaimed wood that was part of a house or barn over a century ago.Note Butch Cassidy’s hut in Argentina. Similar buildings are the source of barn oak. The number of such objects is limited, therefore the barn material is justifiably considered limited and unique.

A barn table could very well have once been the walls of a railway station or the house of the philanthropist after whom your street is named.

Barn oak should not be confused with reclaimed wood that has simply been stored in storage for years.

Barn material is durable and strong. Even more so than classic oak. With an age of over 120 years, it has already passed the crash test of conditions, nature and time.

Such a table looks really unique. Because of the texture, shade and specific cracks that are unique to him. Therefore, it is most often used in the design of modern houses and commercial premises. And for gourmet gourmets, we created Industrial.

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