Rules of operating

1. Each piece of furniture is designed for a specific purpose of use, so tabletops should be used in accordance with their functional purpose.

2. Prolonged contact of tabletops with hot objects is unacceptable.

3. It is recommended to operate the tables in rooms with heating and ventilation at an air temperature not lower than + 10°C and not higher than + 40°C, with a relative humidity of 40-60%. Significant deviations from these modes can lead to deformation and damage.

4. Placing tables closer than one meter from heating devices, air conditioners and other sources of heat or cold, as well as under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, can cause accelerated aging of the coating, discoloration and deformation.

5. Protect surfaces from mechanical damage, which can be caused by exposure to solid objects, abrasive powders, as well as excessive physical exertion.

6. Do not expose tabletops to aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, acetones, etc.) and their vapors.

7. It is not allowed to defrost food, or leave strongly chilled objects on the table surface for a long time.

8. Do not cut food on the surface of the tabletop, or scratch it with a hard object.

9. Care should be carried out using only high-quality, specially designed cleaning and polishing agents, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions attached to them.

10. It is forbidden to move tables in a loaded state.

11. When operating the furniture, it is not allowed to exceed the static vertical load (especially with the application of force to one point). This will protect the table from both sagging and dents.

12. The presence of features in its elements due to the stylistic idea of the manufacturer, raw materials or natural origin, in particular: insignificant differences in texture and / or shades of solid wood, is not a defect (defect) of the goods. Wood defects are allowed on tabletops.