About us


It is one of our two brands and businesses.

Bravo Wood Holding is our primary brand which is well known throughout Europe and responsible for the export of tabletops and other solid wood furniture in bulk.
Custom-made solid wood furniture created under the Bravus trademark. Such retail orders are accepted and delivered both in Ukraine and throughout Europe.

«Quality and pragmatism, not lyrics and populism»

This is the main operating principle of our work. We will not write kilometer-long descriptions of how the tree was born, and our carpenters gave it a second life. This will not happen here. On the website and in socials, you will find only brief descriptions and recommendations. Decades of operation and extensive work experience throughout Europe will say more for quality.

Additionally, we are an environmentally responsible business. Therefore, a special place in our work is occupied by products from recycled wood (old barn oak). Only a few in Ukraine have the correct experience of a working with it – Bravus and someone else.

™ BRAVUS is a custom solid wood furniture. With clear design and practical shapes. For those who are fed up with boring routine and who wants to raise the level of efficiency in their daily activities. The right furniture can truly transform trivial everyday activities into activities of a completely different level of productivity and pleasure.