Quality standards

Defects in the product due to the fault of BRAVUS and claims contradicting these Standards could be eliminated. The product is repaired at our expense and at the place of production (Sumy).
Please note that damage/deviations that have occurred due to non-observance of the Operating Rules can be eliminated at the expense of the customer.
The presence of features in its elements due to the stylistic idea or the natural origin of the materials is not a disadvantage (defect) of the product.

— Standard of thickness – 40mm, glued on a long side.
— Margin of thickness -2+1mm.
— Margin of width of straight edged tabletop -3+2mm.
— Margin of length -3+3mm.

— The Quality of the used wood is Q-B2/B3 (C grade).
— Cracks, falling knots and holes are allowed and must be filled with epoxy resin (unless otherwise specified by the customer).
— Slight deviations in epoxy color within the same shade are allowed.

— Every tabletop is stabilized with milled legs and/or steel stabilizers.
— Open cracks are allowed only on the back side.

— A little sapwood allowed only on the underside of the tables, tables with live edges can have sapwood on the long side and on the back side.
— Standard moisture – 8-10%. Equilibrium* – 10-15%.