Sunlounger version from Bravus. Wood and steel. It feels and looks the same. Heavy, massive, reliable, comfortable. Designed from the ground up for maximum comfort and practicality.

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Rest should be comfortable, absolute and without doubt. For such “physical-spiritual” practices, we have developed a reliable support and a beautiful assistant-partner. Your neighbors will rejoice for you, but not with all their hearts.

The Bravus wood and metal chaise lounge, which we created according to our own drawings, guarantees a thrill for both the eyes and the body. The design allows you to stay on it for a long time and comfortably not only in the “on your back” position, but also in any other position.

The surface made of natural wood (section size 30×30 mm) is guaranteed to withstand the weight of even two bodies. The space between the boards will provide ventilation, protect against sweating, overheating and accumulation of moisture, sand and other things. Rounded edges along the entire length, in addition to safety, give a feeling of smoothness and softness.

Coating with a special oil with protection from moisture, abrasion and other atmospheric phenomena will protect against damage, aging and wear.

And all this is supported by a frame made of a thick-walled metal pipe with a cross-section of 25×50, painted black.

Additionally, there are wheels for moving on the back of the sun lounger, which only touch the floor when the front part is lifted. This means that there is no load on them when the lounge chair is in a stationary position. You can choose any wheel size, depending on the surface of movement. The standard diameter is 50 mm, ideal for even hard surfaces.

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Dimensions 1900 × 700 × 750 mm