Ash table

Ash table

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A solid ash table is a more contrasting alternative to oak tables. It has similar parameters and characteristics, but with visual differences. “Combine” performance style – cracks and knots are filled with epoxy resin. Natural texture combined with high-quality practicality.


Ash wood belongs to heavy and hard grades with excellent practical characteristics. Its breaking and bending strength even somewhat exceeds that of oak.

Color and texture are the hallmarks that distinguish it from other breeds. Ash wood is lighter, but much more contrasting.

The ash table suits any interior and type of room – from classic to loft, from residential to commercial. Epoxy resin, which fills all the knots and cracks, provides maximum practicality and convenience. It is this design of the tabletop from BRAVUS that preserves all the natural age-old marks, the naturalness of wood and the uniqueness of the product.

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