Ellipse table

Ellipse table

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Oval tabletops are a convenient and practical solution. Especially for large rooms and premises. An ergonomic alternative to traditional rectangular tables.


Elliptic tables made of natural wood are specially designed for large areas. In this case, they can be comfortably and practically located in the center of the room.

Installing tables of this shape near walls and other vertical objects may not be ergonomic. That is why they are ideal for special interiors that will allow you to use them to the fullest. Also, the absence of right angles makes oval-shaped tables as safe as possible.

The oval-shaped table can be customized like the rest of the products. Available types of wood are oak, reclaimed old oak, ash, etc. And the ability to independently choose the size, color of epoxy and shade of oil allows you to order a table that will be created specifically for your needs and the design of the room.

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