Oak table

Oak table

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The oak table is a timeless furniture classic. The tabletop has a lot of knots and cracks, which are filled with epoxy. Execution “Combine” – the beauty of natural texture combined with high-quality practicality.


Oak is practical, reliable and resistant. It has been used for centuries for the manufacture of furniture. This material will withstand both workload and bathroom humidity (especially when done correctly).

An oak table is suitable for any interior and type of space – from classic to loft, from residential to commercial. Epoxy resin, with which all knots and cracks of the tabletop are poured, makes the table very practical and comfortable.

Color and texture are the features that immediately set it apart from others. Color from light brown to dark brown, sometimes with an olive or amber tint. After being coated with clear oil, it becomes more intense and warmer. Over time, it can take on color and darken.

The density of oak is 720 kg/m3 (for example, ash is 690 kg/m3). Therefore, oak can withstand heavy loads and long-term operation. That is why the aircraft and shipbuilding sectors are actively using these qualities.

Decay resistance and water resistance are those properties that guarantee decades of reliable service.

Regardless of the country and the era, the oak table always looks up-to-date – it is a timeless classic. And the design of the tabletop in the Combine style from BRAVUS will preserve all the natural age marks that make the oak table special and unique.

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