Branded table

Branded table

Tabletop with your logo. With the help of the CNC, the specified image is transferred to the tabletop. The logo is milled through the entire thickness of the countertop and embedded in epoxy.


A branded table with a logo is a product of maximum personalization.

Corporate clients have the opportunity to order the placement of their own organization’s logo or name. From a marketing point of view, the reputation and image benefits are clear. So is brand awareness.

No artificially applied images. The tabletop is literally pierced through and through with personalized markings. It happens as follows:

  1. Transferring the logo to the tabletop using a CNC through-cut machine.
  2. Manual sanding the inside of the cutout with engravers.
  3. Filling cutouts, cracks and knots with epoxy.
  4. Sanding and oiling.

Milling and pouring are performed over the entire thickness of the tabletop. When using a continuous epoxy painting method (non-transparent color), a non-through cutout of the logo is possible.

The species of wood, the color of the resin and the level of its transparency are selected individually.